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as our earth changes at an alarming rate, we strive to have a low impact on the environment  from our manufacturing processes, to our packaging, to ingredient sourcing. we are proud to be a Best for Colorado company always consider how to be a business for better.

Botanical tincture being held up with lush mountains in the background


we work with eco-friendly companies from the product package itself to labels and shipping materials. our labels are made with 100% wind energy with plant based inks. our product packaging is recyclable as are all of our shipping materials. 

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we work with small organic herb farms around the US to source our ingredients. this not only guarantees the freshest flavor and high quality, but also lowers the carbon footprint of our products. several of our products contain ingredients primarily sourced from around the world when necessary due to the unique ecosystems that these plants grow in such as cacao and maca.

Echinacea plants
Lab Work


we love science. and we love historical medicinal traditions. herbal practices and global uses of plants along with current research in phytochemistry, molecular biology, and clinical studies create the major pillars that guide our product development.

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