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about Bridget's Botanicals

Mission: to connect people to the planet by enhancing their wellbeing through natural products and education. 

VisionBridget’s Botanicals embodies a culture of well-being and inspires health empowerment through the use of botanical medicine as a respected, revived, accessible, fun, and personalized form of healthcare.

Founder Bridget Molloy in her apothecary

Bridget Molloy, MAT

Founder. Herbalist. Educator.

For 15+ years Bridget has worked to connect people to our planet and personal wellbeing through education and products. As a way to share her knowledge,  Bridget's Botanicals started in 2014.

Bridget has explored ethnobotany in 13 countries and studied with local herbalists around the world. She holds degrees in ecology and molecular biology from CU Boulder, a Masters of Art in Teaching and Graduate Certificate in Global Ecology Education from Boston University, completed graduate work at Harvard and Georgetown in pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, and holds Certificates in Sexual Wellness, Community Herbalism, Advanced Herbalism, and Celtic Spirituality.

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