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Relax Lavender Rose Soaking Salts

Relax Lavender Rose Soaking Salts

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A luxurious botanical salt soak that delivers rich minerals and essential oils through your skin to help relax and detoxify your body. Let the Epsom salts and pink Himalayan sea salts work their wonders on your muscles and lavender soothe your mind after a long day. Soak in the tub, or give your hands and feet a soak! Infused with rose petals, and essential oils. 


8oz. makes 8 tub soaks or 16 mini soaks.

  • ingredients

    Epsom salts, pink Himalayan sea salt, organic lavender essential oil, organic lavender petals, organic rose petals.

  • shipping info

    Your order will be shipped within 2-5 business days. Please allow 2 days for shipping.

  • how to use soaking salts

    Use 1 tablespoon per bath for a therapeutic soaking experience. Simply four the salts into the bath while or after the water runs. Swirl Relax around and allow the salts to dissolve.

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