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Love Tincture

Love Tincture

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Introducing the Love Tincture, a natural supplement that helps to promote self-love and healthy partnerships. Infused with a triple blend of botanical extracts, including elderflowers, roses, and lemon balm, this tincture is designed to provide comfort, boldness, and joy. Elderflowers soothe the mind and body, while roses encourage passion and romance. Lemon balm uplifts the spirit and promotes positivity. Take the Love Tincture daily to cultivate a deeper sense of love and connection in your life.

  • ingredients

    • Organic Alcohol

    • Organic Rose Petals

    • Organic Lemon Balm

    • Organic Elderflower

  • return & refund policy

    No returns or refunds on physical products. 

  • shipping info

    Your order will be shipped within 5-7 business days. Please allow 2-5 days for shipping.

  • sustainability

    • Our ingredients are all organic
    • We use cane alcohol, a gluten free sustainable option that is 3x more efficient than grain alcohol
    • Our alcohol is produced in the US and sourced from a family run business
    • Our botanical ingredients are both sourced from small farms. Rhodiola is sourced from Canada for quality and conservation purposes, and our tulsi is sourced from the US.
  • what is a tincture?

    Our tinctures are a blend of single plant alcohol extracts. We use organic cane alcohol to extract each plants active compounds based on botanical research and the plant's phytochemistry.

    Tinctures are a concentrated, easy to take or on the go solution to support your wellbeing. A little goes a long way, so you only need to use 30-90 drops/day (that is 1-3 dropperfuls) depending on what you are taking. 

  • how do I use a tincture?

    Love Tincture can be added to anything. Add it with your favorite drink, water, or apply under your tongue.

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