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Adventurer Herbal 1st Aid Kit

Adventurer Herbal 1st Aid Kit

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This is an interational traveler's must have in their backpack or bag! Based on lessons learned from her international travels, Bridget has formulated this kit for all the Adventurers out there while on the road. These multi-purpose travel sized products will serve your adventures and support a range of mild injuries such as bee stings, rashes, bleeding, cramps, Montezuma's revenge, and more! Use while building forts in your back yard or on the other side of the world.

  • what's included

    Downloadable users guide included!

    Damn It Tincture (1oz): Got a cut? Sprinkle this pure yarrow extract over the affected area to slow bleeding and clean the wound. Ideal for relieving bloody noses as well!

    Cramp Stamp Tincture (1oz): Ease your muscle cramps with this blend of botanicals formulated to ease and relieve cramping. Simply add to water and drink as needed.

    Reverse the Runs Tincture (1oz): Soothes and slows travelers diarhea. Simply add to water and drink as needed.

    Wound Wizard Salve (2oz): Salve for soothing itchy or dry skin, minor cuts, chapped lips or cuticles, and dry rashes.

    Fix It Powder (2oz): Powdered botanicals that fight infections and ease inflammation blended with detoxifying clay. For use with water to make a paste and soothe bee stings, bites, and weepy rashes.

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    returns are accepted for unopened products only and within 15 days of purchase.

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