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Reishi Dark Chocolate

Reishi Dark Chocolate

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Nighttime 65% vegan milk chocolate bar infused with 500 mg of Reishi mushrooms. Known as the “queen of mushrooms” in Chinese and Japanese medicine, Reishi is known for its Zen inducing effects. It has been traditionally used to support mood, immune health, and promote calmness in Eastern Medicine. It’s adaptogenic properties are thought to reduce inflammation, help the body to naturally adapt to stress, and promote relaxation.


Moksha Chocolate uses only organic USA-grown whole fruiting mushroom bodies bring a potent new dimension of nature’s earthly gifts to their decadent direct-trade craft chocolate. Lightly sweetened with organic coconut sugar. 

The mushroom supports relaxation in traditional use, and is churned with their heirloom 65% single-origin cacao and use only organic coconut sugar for Paleo fans. This chocolate is ground for 4 days, making the mushrooms under 20 micron for optimal absorption.


Vegan, 0.5oz.

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