About Bridget's Botanicals


MissionConnecting people to the planet by enhancing their wellbeing through natural products and education. 

VisionBridget’s Botanicals embodies a culture of well-being and inspires health empowerment through the use of botanical medicine as a respected, revived, accessible, fun, and personalized form of healthcare.

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Bridget Molloy, MAT

Founder. Herbalist. Educator.

Bridget’s Botanicals is a Centennial, CO based natural product wellness and education company focused on women’s sexual health and wellbeing. Each product has been formulated with sustainably sourced, organic botanicals. Manufactured in small batches in Colorado, our products are designed for physiological function and flavor based on current scientific research blended with traditional herbal global healing practices, and packaged with eco-friendly materials. CEO and Founder Bridget Molloy started Bridget’s Botanicals in 2014.


For nearly 15 years Bridget has worked to connect people to our planet and personal wellbeing through the medicinal properties of plants. She has studied molecular biology, pharmacology, women’s sexual health, and herbalism around the world. Bridget holds degrees in molecular biology from CU Boulder and in teaching from Boston University. She and has also completed graduate coursework at Harvard and Georgetown in pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. Bridget has traveled around the world studying   ethnobotany with a focus on plants used in global healing traditions.